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Oxford Genetics Signs Worldwide Distribution Agreement With CLS Cell Lines Service

Oxford Genetics Signs Worldwide Distribution Agreement With CLS Cell Lines Service

Agreement enables Oxford Genetics to expand its existing product and service portfolio and further support bio-therapeutic discovery and development.

Oxford Genetics, a leader in innovative synthetic biology-based technologies, signs a worldwide distribution agreement with CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH (CLS) to enhance its range of biotherapeutic research products and service.

The agreement gives customers access to over 400 mammalian cell lines which can be used in Oxford Genetics custom cell line engineering and development services, shortening project timelines and expediting deliverables, in particular focusing on reporter and disease model cell lines.

Additionally, Oxford Genetics will work to promote CLS‘s product portfolio, which have been isolated from various tissues, tumours and species.

These will be made available to both Oxford Genetics’ academic and commercial customers, to support basic research, as well as the drug discovery process.

“Oxford Genetics is committed to streamlining efficiencies in the biopharmaceutical industry and this agreement represents a major opportunity for us to meet the needs of our customers and their demand for improved workflows,” commented Dr. Paul Brooks, CCO of Oxford Genetics. “CLS’s cell lines are highly complementary to our existing portfolio, which includes the SnapFast™ range of plasmids and associated technologies for rapid and high-throughput vector construction, and our new services to be launched in Q2 2017 focusing on gene editing and engineering.”

Dr. Rosemarie Steubing, Managing Director of CLS Cell Line Services, commented: “CLS focuses on developing high-quality cell lines to support the work of the wider scientific community.

The partnership with Oxford Genetics will strengthen our ability to do this, enabling our products to work as part of an even greater number of projects and further bio-therapeutic research around the globe.”

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