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Increase scalability and titre with our lentiviral packaging cell line


We custom-build lentivirus plasmid vectors to increase quality and titre.


We enable a smooth, scalable transition from our transient cell lines to our stable lentiviral packaging and producer cell lines.


We support scalable custom lentiviral production in bioreactor models using our proprietary HEK293 cell production platform.

Lentivirus at the edge of impossible

OXGENE has re-developed the lentiviral plasmid system to facilitate yields greater than 1x10⁸/ml. We’ve also developed manufacture-ready lentiviral packaging cell lines to take the industry to the next level of scalability. This system maximizes process reproducibility and reduces the manufacturing costs of the industry’s most exciting therapies.

Lentiviral Transient System

OXGENE optimized lentivirus packaging plasmids improve safety, reduce homology and increase yield. Each plasmid is built on an optimized and minimized backbone, after multiple screening experiments to identify ideal configurations and stoichiometries.

This generates a well-characterized, high-titre Lentiviral system that outperforms all other commercially available equivalents in our proprietary serum-free, scalable, suspension HEK293 cell line.

Our plasmids are immediately available and enable reliable viral vector production, which can shave months off production timelines. We can manufacture our lentiviral plasmids in a streamlined and automated process at any stage of development. We can also customise this system so that clients can clone in their own gene of interest. Combining this with our other packaging plasmids provides many performance advantages.

Our transient lentiviral expression platform transitions smoothly to a stable lentiviral packaging cell line. This platform allows for single plasmid transfection and log-fold changes in lentiviral productivity.  
We continue to strive to provide the highest quality, consistency, speed and titre of viral vector production from transient cell line solutions to the stable integration of lentiviral plasmids in packaging and producer cell lines.

Lentiviral Packaging and Producer Cell Lines

OXGENE has successfully developed a suspension-mode stable lentiviral packaging cell line platform using a proprietary Tet-inducible system. This demonstrates high titre lentiviral production with single plasmid transfection in both shake flask and bioreactor.

Our GMP-compliant stable lentiviral producer cell lines are derived from the packaging cell line and demonstrate our capability in transfection-free, scalable, high cell density processing of lentiviral vectors for cell and gene therapy applications.

We created our cell line using a fully-defined, serum/animal component-free process. It remains stable in the absence of antibiotic selection. We have also optimised upstream processing using the AMBR15 bioreactor system, which has resulted in titres greater than 5x10⁶ TU/ml. Further process development is already underway.

This packaging and producer cell line platform addresses the vector manufacturing challenges of process robustness, scalability and cost-effectiveness, and allows our customers to carry out stable, long-term genetic manipulation of a range of cell types.

Genetic medicine has experienced tremendous growth with the approval of multiple products that dramatically improve life. Lentiviral vectors are the key component for manufacturing many of these treatments. The free availability of lentiviral packaging plasmids will significantly reduce the time and cost to develop and commercialize these products.

Michael Chambers, CEO of Aldevron

AAV Engineering

Optimised AAV Design, Precision Engineering and Scalable Production

Adenovirus Engineering

Optimised Adenovirus Engineering and Proprietary TERA system

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