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Optimized Adenovirus Engineering and Proprietary TERA system


We offer a proprietary TERA system for AAV manufacture that avoids adenovirus contamination and results in high AAV particle titre.


We provide a HEK293TetR suspension cell line for industry-leading performance in adenoviral manufacture.


We offer scalable adenoviral production in bioreactor models using our proprietary HEK293 cell production platform.

OXGENE can design, assemble and produce adenoviral vectors of any genetic composition to facilitate both gene therapy and oncolytic applications.

Adenovirus at the edge of impossible

OXGENE has achieved the world’s first genetic removal of adenovirus contamination from the AAV manufacturing process using our proprietary TERA system. We have also developed a bespoke, GMP-compliant, suspension HEK293TetR cell line for high-titre adenoviral plasmid manufacture of toxic transgenes.  

We also offer our vector systems and GMP compliant suspension HEK293 cell system for licensing, so gene therapy developers can proceed without freedom-to-operate concerns and simultaneously reduce their therapeutic cost of goods.

TERA System

OXGENE has engineered the adenoviral genome to allow temporal control and separation of the adenoviral life cycle. This enables adenoviral help during AAV manufacture while completely removing adenoviral particle contamination.

We have built a switchable negative feedback loop into the viral genome to prevent structural gene expression. This system, called ‘Tetracycline-Enabled Repressible Adenovirus’ (TERA), allows normal adenovirus replication in the presence of doxycycline, but represses viral particle production in its absence, and gives a greater than 6-fold increased AAV particle yield per cell and is a major step towards scaling up AAV manufacture.  

We have confirmed our production capabilities in the AAV5 serotype, but we can customise our high-performance solutions to apply to all AAV serotypes. Overall, our AAV production platform simplifies the genetic engineering process to reduce the timeframe between upstream production and market approval.

HEK293TetR Cell Line

OXGENE has successfully developed a GMP-compliant suspension HEK293TetR cell line for amplification of cytotoxic adenoviral vectors. 

We have demonstrated the functionality of this cell line using our proprietary Ad5 adenoviral vector system, where our optimised Tet construct has successfully controlled gene expression. This means we can optimise adenovirus production even for transgenes that reduce cell viability.

This is particularly important for vaccine or oncolytic applications where the transgene may exhibit cellular toxicity.  This animal component-free system shows equivalent or improved viral titre when benchmarked against industry-standard alternatives and is easily scalable.

AAV Engineering

Optimised AAV Design, Precision Engineering and Scalable Production

Lentivirus Engineering

Increased Scalability and Titer using our Lentiviral Packaging Cell Line

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