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Optimised AAV design, precision engineering and scalable production systems.

Design and optimise

We custom-build AAV plasmids with your transgene of interest, using our proprietary expression system to improve yield and quality.

Scale up

We guide seamless transition from our scalable transient suspension production systems to our stable AAV packaging and producer cell lines. Our process development experts support you to expedite on-boarding of technologies and facilitate technology transfer.

License for manufacture

Our optimised transient AAV production platform and GMP-banked HEK293 cell line is available for license.

AAV at the edge of impossible

OXGENE technologies enable the broad adoption of cell and gene therapies. Our manufacturing systems facilitate high-titre AAV production in a scalable manner. Our early-access partnerships for AAV packaging cell line development allow easy adoption of our technologies, fully supported by our experts’ knowledge and experience. Our AAV production platform expedites clinical development timeframes from early product development to market approval.

All technologies are applied with our proprietary GMP-compliant, animal component free, optimal suspension-mode clonal cell line. 

Our AAV production platform simplifies the genetic engineering process to reduce the timeframe between upstream production and market approval.

AAV Evolved: Vector Technology

AAV Evolved uses a proprietary configuration of the Rep and Cap genes, where separated Rep and Cap sequences are under the control of a CMV promoter and EMCV internal ribosome entry site. This results in a higher viral titre, higher cell-specific productivity and improved full:empty vector ratio.

AAV Evolved combines the reconfigured Rep-Cap sequences with a minimised Ad5 helper, utilising the OxGene Nano minimised plasmid backbone, and lacking the wildtype Penton and Hexon coding regions. Finally, our platform allows custom transgene plasmid development, utilising in-house generated synthetic stuffer fragments to increase packaging fidelity.  

Our inducible variant permits a seamless transition from transient expression to packaging and producer cell lines for large scale AAV production, without requiring revalidation of the core plasmid technology.


TERA is a regulated variant of the Ad5-helper virus where helper functions are provided through early-region gene expression, but late-region gene expression is repressed. In the context of AAV production this prevents generation of Ad5 viral particles, while increasing AAV titre and simplifying downstream processing.

TERA works by placing a Tet repressor (TetR) binding site into the Major Late Promoter, which drives late gene expression. The TetR gene itself is encoded within the late region, creating a negative feedback loop. Addition of tetracycline/doxycycline is required during Ad5 manufacture, but not during production of AAV.

The system has been validated through transient AAV5 production, and is available for early-access evaluation, as well being further developed to complement our in-house stable cell line solutions.

We are very excited to begin this collaboration [with OXGENE]. It’s one of many vital steps that we are taking to meet the demand for a broadening range of gene therapies. We hope that our approach will lead to quicker development of effective new therapies for patients.

Dr Alexandria Forbes, President and CEO of MeiraGTx

Adenovirus Engineering

Optimised Adenovirus Engineering and Proprietary TERA system

Lentivirus Engineering

Increased Scalability and Titer using our Lentiviral Packaging Cell Line

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Our single technology platform that fully connects our smart labs with our customer service proposition.


Connex revolutionises DNA design, optimization and assembly by ensuring the highest levels of qualify control, efficiency and project management available for any client.

OXGENE has fully integrated all its smart labs and robotic production processes within a single technology platform that allows real-time project updates for our customers.