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Optimized AAV design, precision engineering and scalable production


We custom-build AAV plasmids to increase quality and titre.


We guide smooth, scalable transition from our transient production systems to our stable AAV packaging and producer cell lines.

Process Development

We support scalable custom AAV production in bioreactor models using our proprietary HEK293 cell production platform.

AAV at the edge of impossible

OXGENE helps solve the greatest challenge of gene therapy: scaling up. We produce large quantities of functional AAV particles in a scalable manufacturing system. Our early-access partnerships for AAV packaging cell line development mean we provide a seamless path from AAV design to the clinic. 

We’ve developed and optimized a 3-plasmid AAV system with a new, evolved breed of recombinant AAV Rep-Cap vector, reduced reverse genomic packaging, and an inducible expression system that enables stable cell line development in HEK-293 cells. We use this to generate high-quality, high-yield AAV in scalable manufacturing workflows, all based upon our GMP-compliant HEK293-isolated clonal cell line. 

Our manufacturing systems aim to transition the industry from non-scalable adherent AAV production to scalable, efficient and stable systems that reduce overall   development costs, lower manufacturing costs, and facilitate cost effective treatments for patients.

Our AAV production platform simplifies the genetic engineering process to reduce the timeframe between upstream production and market approval.

AAV Evolved: Vector Technology

AAV Evolved uses a proprietary configuration of the Rep and Cap genes to optimise their relative stoichiometries. This simplifies AAV genetics and maximises yields. We couple this vector with our oversized plasmid backbones to reduce reverse packaging for enhanced safety.

AAV Evolved combines vector technology with selected clonal-derivative HEK293 cells to improve full:empty vector ratio and overall viral titer. As a result, our AAV system is superior to industry-standard plasmids in suspension HEK293 cells and allows for scalable manufacture.

A further advantage to our genetically simplified AAV Evolved platform is the easy introduction of inducible AAV manufacture. This allows tight control of AAV expression in both packaging and producer cell lines, which makes it easy for customers to switch from our transient to stable cell lines without requiring revalidation of the plasmid technology.


OXGENE has engineered the adenoviral genome to allow temporal control and separation of the adenoviral life cycle. This enables adenoviral help during AAV manufacture while completely removing adenoviral particle contamination.

We’ve built a switchable negative feedback loop into the viral genome to prevent structural gene expression. This system, called ‘Tetracycline-Enabled Repressible Adenovirus’ (TERA), allows normal adenovirus replication in the presence of doxycycline, but represses viral particle production in its absence, and gives a greater than 6-fold increased AAV particle yield per cell and is a major step towards scaling up AAV manufacture.  

We’ve confirmed our production capabilities in the AAV5 serotype, but we can customise our high-performance solutions  to apply to all AAV serotypes. Overall, our AAV production platform simplifies the genetic engineering process to reduce the timeframe between upstream production and market approval.

We are very excited to begin this collaboration [with OXGENE]. It’s one of many vital steps that we are taking to meet the demand for a broadening range of gene therapies. We hope that our approach will lead to quicker development of effective new therapies for patients.

Dr Alexandria Forbes, President and CEO of MeiraGTx

Adenovirus Engineering

Optimised Adenovirus Engineering and Proprietary TERA system

Lentivirus Engineering

Increased Scalability and Titer using our Lentiviral Packaging Cell Line

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Our single technology platform that fully connects our smart labs with our customer service proposition.


Connex revolutionises DNA design, optimization and assembly by ensuring the highest levels of qualify control, efficiency and project management available for any client.

OXGENE has fully integrated all its smart labs, machine learning and robotic production processes within a single technology platform that allows real-time project updates for our customers.