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CRISPR Libraries & Screening

Our in-house expertise in genetically engineering mammalian cells using the latest CRISPR technology helps pioneers discover new targets for their cell and gene therapies. We provide best in class plasmid or lentiviral gRNA libraries and complete bioinformatic analysis as part of our pooled or arrayed CRISPR screening services. We can then deploy our complex gene editing services, supported by our carefully optimised automated workflow, to help validate targets.

OXGENE's expertise in genetic engineering advances discovery for cell and gene therapy pioneers.

Libraries and Screening

CRISPR screens - performed against either the whole genome or specific gene families - allow unbiased discovery of genes that are either essential for cell survival or that confer a particular phenotype, such as drug resistance or sensitivity. This makes them an ideal tool for the identification of target antigens; CRISPR screens offer infinitely more efficient and reliable target identification than can be found by other means such as searches through the literature or genomics datasets.

OXGENE's CRISPR screening solutions can powerfully advance your clinical therapy or drug development programs. We enable a broad project scope that covers custom building your screen from library design and cell line selection through to bioinformatic analysis and validation.

We provide both "off the shelf" and bespoke plasmid and lentiviral libraries, tailored to your screening requirements. We use proprietary CRISPR guide design algorithms for knockout (KO), activation (CRISPRa) and repression (CRISPRi) to ensure high fidelity library construction. We have extensive experience in generating best in class pooled gRNA libraries ranging from 2,500 - 113,000 guides, and arrayed libraries in plate format (plasmid and lentivirus) in excess of 1,000 guides. We apply our extensive automation and informatics know-how to facilitate CRISPR library generation.

Our "off the shelf" pooled libraries include both KO and CRISPRa libraries targeting the whole genome. We offer custom libraries targeting specific gene families and pathways including the kinome, apoptosis, cell cycle, ubiquitin enzymes and druggable genome.

View our most recent CRISPR screening poster.

Complex Gene Editing

Many genetic diseases are the result of more than one gene knockout or other types of mutations entirely, and culturing primary cells from patients with these mutations can be very difficult. With the support of our automated gene editing platform, our in-house experts generate clonal cell lines modelling complex disease scenarios, including double knock-outs, conditional knock-outs, knock-ins, gene fusions and chromosomal rearrangements.

We’ve also optimised our automated gene editing platform to accommodate high throughput edits of inducible Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). These are a particularly powerful tool for disease modelling and drug discovery, but can be challenging to work with, as they differentiate in response to cellular stress, and exhibit notoriously low editing efficiency. However, we’ve optimised our gene editing workflow to achieve a careful balance between cellular stability and editing efficiency to deliver reliably edited iPSC lines.

We put a strong emphasis on communication with our partners, who remain in direct contact with both the project manager and scientific team throughout the project.

Find out more about our custom libraries and bespoke CRISPR screens.

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Biomanufacturing Solutions

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When you've validated your discoveries and are ready to take the next step to commercial production, our biomanufacturing solutions accelerate development and reduce manufacturing costs.

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