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CAR-T & Antibody Discovery

Our proprietary SLIM™ display antibody discovery platform and custom antibody libraries allow cell therapy pioneers to break new ground in the identification of novel antibodies against challenging membrane proteins for CAR-T and other biologics.

We also offer a bioinformatics-led approach to humanise existing antibodies, and our industry leading SnapFast™ plasmid technology facilitates subsequent antibody engineering and production steps, accelerating the journey to clinical manufacture.

OXGENE offers an integrated solution to accelerate your entire antibody discovery, engineering and characterisation workflow.

SLIM™ Display

OXGENE has developed a novel CHO-based mammalian display antibody discovery technology targeting membrane proteins. We construct and routinely screen synthetic antibody libraries above 10⁹ variants, up to 100-fold higher than typical mammalian display techniques. We achieve our large library size by the innovative packaging of antibody libraries into viral particles, which we then use to infect CHO cells with 90% integration efficiency.

We use this cutting-edge method to discover novel binders and generate therapeutic leads for CAR-T and other antibody based therapeutics, as well as screening affinity maturation libraries to improve the affinity and biophysical properties of a low affinity antibody.

These major advantages complement other key features, including presentation of the proteins in their native configuration on the cell surface - including correct glycosylation - to avoid the need for antigen purification or the humanisation of any leads we discover. We also use the CHO cell line to accelerate the development of identified antibodies as biotherapeutics.

View our most recent mammalian display poster.

Antibody Humanisation

OXGENE conducts bioinformatic analysis, codon optimisation, DNA synthesis, and antibody production and purfication in house. 

Our software assisted design process is based on in depth expertise and experience. It    generates a custom-picked selection of variants using our comprehensive vector toolkit and proprietary antibody template database.

We then use our integrated MHC class II binding prediction and manufacturability analysis to identify liabilities to remove during the process.

The variants generated are expressed and purified using OXGENE's automated high throughput platform, in our proprietary HEK293 EBNA suspension cell line.     

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CRISPR screening and target validation

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Once you've discovered a therapeutic lead, our CRISPR engineering services offer comprehensive target validation.

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