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XLenti™ Transient Production

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Our optimised third generation XLenti™ plasmids and GMP banked clonal suspension HEK293 cell line give an enhanced safety profile and increased lentiviral yield for flexible, high titre lentiviral production.

We offer expert cloning and engineering services to customise and optimise plasmids for expression of your gene of interest. Our process development services optimise for pre-clinical lentiviral manufacture in our ISO:9001 accredited lab, and we manufacture up to 10L scale, before assisting technology transfer to your own facilities or CMO.

"OXGENE's industry leading lentiviral plasmids significantly reduce the time and costs involved in developing and commercialising new cell therapies."

Michelle Berg, President, GMP Nucleic Acids BU, Aldevron

Transient Lentiviral Production

XLenti™ 3rd generation, self-inactivating (SIN) lentivirus packaging plasmids are optimised for increased translation efficiency, and have low homology between expression cassettes for an improved safety profile.

OXGENE’s XLenti™ plasmid system outperforms all other commercially available equivalents, including in our GMP banked, serum-free, clonal suspension HEK293 cell line. We customise this system to optimise expression of any gene of interest.

Joining forces with OXGENE for gene or cell therapy development allows our partners to establish and optimise transient production, including validated production up to 10L scale, before transitioning to our stable packaging and producer cell lines for large scale clinical manufacture. This provides the additional regulatory advantage of using the same genetic system throughout clinical development.

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From our experts to yours: we offer comprehensive technical support, so you can have complete confidence in our technologies.

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XLenti™ Packaging and Producer Cell Lines

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