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Our proprietary cell and gene therapy manufacturing solutions help pioneering companies achieve high-titre, scalable and cost-effective viral vector production, and clinical success.

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WuXi Advanced Therapies is a global Contract Testing, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CTDMO) dedicated to accelerating progress and time to market for cell and gene therapies.


SnapFast™ Plasmids

OXGENE’s SnapFast™ plasmids are versatile and efficient. These modular plasmids are designed to work like 'molecular Lego'. They use a catalogue of well characterised DNA elements that can be easily and reliably inserted into specific locations within the plasmid, so we can rapidly generate large numbers of custom constructs across a range of expression platforms.

We also offer an extensive index of pre-validated licensable plasmids for use in custom expression system development.

Research Grade and GMP-banked HEK293 Suspension Cell Lines

OXGENE's clonal suspension HEK293 cell lines are validated for high-titre production of recombinant AAV (rAAV), lentiviral and adenoviral vectors. These are available for license at both research and GMP grade. All cell lines, including engineered and media adapted derivatives, offer full traceability and grow in defined, animal component free media. Cell lines do not contain the SV40 large T antigen, which ensures regulatory compliance of derived products for in vivo applications.

We're currently developing GMP-compliant, suspension mode, stable lentiviral packaging and producer HEK293 cell lines to offer new, industry leading levels of scalability.

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OXGENE's partners with cell and gene therapy pioneers from clinical candidate holder to CMO to accelerate the journey from laboratory research to clinical manufacture.

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Our expertise in biology, robotics, in silico analysis and bioinformatics helps cell and gene therapy pioneers advance the discovery phase of their clinical candidates.

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Our single technology platform that fully connects our smart labs with our customer service proposition.


Connex revolutionises DNA design, optimization and assembly by ensuring the highest levels of quality control, efficiency and project management available for any client.

OXGENE has fully integrated all its smart labs and robotic production processes within a single technology platform that allows real-time project updates for our customers.