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at the edge of impossible

OXGENE’s novel mammalian antibody display technology targets challenging membrane proteins and facilitates downstream antibody manufacturing

Design and Discover

We discover the antibodies to previously intractable targets using proprietary mammalian display and optimized expression systems.

Develop and Manufacture

We offer an automated expression platform for increased antibody production and characterization, and CHO-based SSI cell lines for antibody validation.

Antibody at the edge of impossible

Our proprietary mammalian antibody discovery platform breaks new ground in the identification of novel molecules to treat the industry’s most challenging diseases. This approach offers a number of advantages over competing systems. We remove the need for protein target purification because we express the target in its native configuration, including correct glycosylation, within the membrane of a mammalian cell.

Our system means we know that any antibody we discover is expressible within a mammalian system, which avoids the need for antibody humanisation and affords  significant developability advantages. We couple our platform with our industry leading LEGO-like SnapFast™ plasmid technology to facilitate subsequent antibody engineering and production steps, and so the complete solution from discovery to manufacture.

While our next-generation technologies don’t require humanisation, we recognize that other methods, such as phage display and mouse immunization do, and remain well-established in the field. We therefore offer a bioinformatics-led approach to find the closest possible human-to-animal match. 

Mammalian Display

OXGENE provides a novel CHO-based mammalian display antibody technology targeting membrane proteins. We construct and routinely screen synthetic antibody libraries above 10⁹ variants, up to 100-fold higher than typical mammalian display techniques.

We use this cutting-edge method to discover novel binders and generate a vast quantity of therapeutic leads. We can also apply this method to affinity maturation projects.

We achieve our record-breaking library size by the innovative packaging of antibody libraries into viral particles, which we then use to infect the CHO cells with 90% integration efficiency. These major advantages complement other key features, including presentation of the proteins in their native configuration to avoid the need for downstream antibody humanization, and use of the CHO cell line to increases the developability of identified antibodies as biotherapeutics. 

We are also generating automated workflows with integrated microfluidics technologies to further speed up discovery and development. This combination of assets translates into a breakthrough antibody discovery solution that offers unparalleled benefits across a range of disease areas and drives demand for antibody engineering, expression and cell line development services.

Antibody Humanization

OXGENE applies bioinformatics-led antibody humanization to find the closest possible human-to-animal match.

Our in-house algorithms employ pattern recognition and machine learning to identify optimal matching candidate antibody frameworks.

We then use our proprietary MHC class II binding prediction software to perform immunogenicity risk analysis and shortlist preferred antibody candidates for subsequent characterisation.

We carry out this process using a HEK293-based mammalian expression system for increased developability.

Our standardized SnapFast™ vector system allows the rapid transfer of variable coding regions between antibody constant vectors and can be used in conjunction with our high-throughput automated production system.

Work with us at the edge of impossible

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