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at the edge of impossible

It’s not the fittest or the most intelligent, it’s those who are most willing to adapt to change that will survive.

Charles Darwin

OXGENE, the new trading name of Oxford Genetics Ltd

OXGENE™ combines precision engineering and breakthrough science with advanced robotics and bioinformatics to accelerate the rational design, discovery and manufacture of cell and gene therapies across three core areas: gene therapy, gene editing and antibody therapeutics.

Gene therapy: We’re turning the goal  of scalable and efficient gene therapy manufacture into a reality; our industry leading transient production systems are a stepping stone    to our revolutionary TESSA  production system for AAV and   producer cell lines for scalable production of lentiviral vectors.

Antibody therapeutics: Our proprietary mammalian display technology enables the discovery of antibodies against previously intractable membrane proteins.

CRISPR / Gene editing: We have automated gene editing to deliver CRISPR engineered cell lines at unparalleled speed, scale and quality, and generate complex disease models in mammalian cells.

OXGENE works at the edge of impossible in mammalian cell engineering. Our scientific expertise and technology solutions address key industry bottlenecks.

We understand that the best partnerships stem from the strongest relationships, so establishing regular and transparent communications with our partners is a priority for us.

Our scientists are experts in their field and invest time in understanding the challenges and priorities that define a custom project. We support our partners throughout solution design, process development and project delivery including method transfer, and implementation.

Our licensable platform technologies are a founding element of our portfolio and we are constantly innovating to ensure that we can help accelerate progress    from drug discovery to market approval. Our investment in automation means we can provide robust, reliable and repeatable solutions to some of the most complex processes in the industry today.

Work with us at the edge of impossible

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Our single technology platform that fully connects our smart labs with our customer service proposition.


Connex revolutionises DNA design, optimization and assembly by ensuring the highest levels of quality control, efficiency and project management available for any client.

OXGENE has fully integrated all its smart labs and robotic production processes within a single technology platform that allows real-time project updates for our customers.