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Be first

in the race to deliver breakthrough cell and gene therapies


Advanced Technologies for Cell & Gene Therapy Pioneers

When your scientific success means being first; to discover, to publish, to reach the clinic, OXGENE helps pioneering companies accelerate the discovery and biomanufacture of their cell and gene therapies; to be first to deliver these breakthrough therapeutics to the patients who need them.

Supporting a pioneering community.

We provide pioneers with advanced technology and service solutions to accelerate the transition between laboratory research and clinical manufacture.

Our mission is to accelerate your success


Connex is our single portal for all scientific data storage and management. It connects every aspect of the work we undertake  and supports excellent customer service.

Integrated, Efficient, Intelligent, Connected

Connex is a CFR compliant system where scientific data is stored, managed, recalled and shared. Our informatics expertise, together with Connex, produces powerful insights through AI.


Connex allows real-time project updates for our customers. It gives them easy access to current project plans.  Our scientists also benefit from digital laboratory record keeping as well as the capability to interrogate historical data.  Real-time monitoring of our automation systems drives efficiency, whilst performance data is integrated into Connex to inform further improvements.

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Our single technology platform that fully connects our smart labs with our customer service proposition.


Connex revolutionises DNA design, optimization and assembly by ensuring the highest levels of quality control, efficiency and project management available for any client.

OXGENE has fully integrated all its smart labs and robotic production processes within a single technology platform that allows real-time project updates for our customers.